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Post by CaveManJimmy on Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:08 pm

LB Results:
|49th| 6 - 4 |42nd|


Screenshot (Rounds at the bottom are incorrect because of server map change and team switch):

Attendance (Not in rank order):


Col. Joethepro (Supposed commander of the 42nd)
Cpl. PMH1
Pvt. Chris
Pvt. Jojan
WO. Johann
Lt. Col Skill
LCpl. MisterEasy
Cpl. Spudgun
Maj. Joker of Hell
Pvt. Sanic Hedgehog
Pvt. Don Kixot
Lt. Dead
Pvt. Chaos Power
Capt. Jetty Wawoo


Lt. CaveManJimmy
Sgt. Ashazza
Capt. Bernard
Maj. Roberto
LCpl. Smex
LCpl. Marco
Pte. Twostepsfromhell
Rec. Athos
Pte. Ecs Dididi
Pte. Khalif (Klif/very unemployed)
Pte. Britney Spears
Pfc. Ninjah Tigah (Commander of the 49th)
Pfc. YoungGun
Cpl. Rumplestiltskin

NOTE: The teams above are NOT entirely accurate because people did leave and others joined in their positions (The names above are of those in the final screenshot I have).

Overall opinion of the match:
Well match started off pretty poorly for the 49th, it was a bit of a mess and a lot of confusion occurred. However, this isn't to be blamed at the commander, it's mainly due to lack of listening throughout the whole line. This poor communications through the team lead to us being defeated in the first round.
At first, our hopes were shattered but after winning a decisive round afterwards, our weariness was turned into confidence! Although we did still lose some rounds afterwards (3 more), we did get the better of the 42nd.

-Our long distance shooting turned from poor to pretty fucking fantastic if you ask me. Even as British, we were taking out a lot of the enemy from long distances; in most cases, we were killing more of them at long distances than them killing us.

-Our charges also started out poorly. However, in most cases, this was due to being outnumbered. Even then, our charges became far better as the match went on.

So basically, for next training, we need to start practicing on our drills (especially with communications). That said though, our melee seems decent enough for charges and our shooting is also pretty good.

I would also like to congratulate Tigah for leading us to victoire! I mean yes, we only won by a scratch, but he managed to win and that (along with having fun of course) is the aim of the game Razz

Promotions at the end of training (which was straight after the event):

Athos (Recruit to Private)
Twosteps (Private to Guardsman)

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