49th Regiment of Foot of Hertfordshire
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Post by Ashazza on Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:59 pm

Basic rules for the 49th and events (Public and Regimental)

Line Battles and Skirmishes  

When involved in line battles or skirmishes there are a set of rules to follow ,always listen to the commanders instructions (in both Skirmishes and Line Battles) and in Line Battles, always look forward (commanders direction) until instructed to face left or right. We will go through more advanced drills and rules during scheduled training's. I will also go into more detail about line battles in another topic .


We will be hosting training sessions throughout the week to improve your overall performance i.e. line battles, melee, shooting etc. At the time of writing this we have not decided the specific dates on which these training sessions will take place but eventually a separate topic will be published indicating the times and days they will start. Training's will require you to listen and do what your told when we are showing you drills and explaining how to do them.

Being Active

As a member of a clan, being active is a pivotal role of advertising our clan and will help us as a clan in the long run. If we see you are active, the likelihood of a promotion is a much higher chance. Also recruiting members helps the clan massively and we would be grateful if you tried to do so. Furthermore, being active allows yourself to improve and playing freely (out of training's) will better your melee and shooting skills.

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Post by Roberto on Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:58 pm

Thank you Ashazza ! However any infraction of the rules quoted in this topic will result in a sanction (e.g: Demotion).

However, the training session times will soon be up ! cheers

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