49th Regiment of Foot of Hertfordshire
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Skirm against 29th

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Skirm against 29th Empty Skirm against 29th

Post by CaveManJimmy on Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:45 pm

29th Worcester Regiment of Foot- 2880 overall points
49th Hertfordshire Regiment of Foot- 1840 overall points

Screenshot of 1st round: https://imgur.com/d0HbJ62
Screenshot of 2nd round : https://imgur.com/rD152Wg


Captain Swan
Lt.Colonel Unas
Captain Karpik
Corporal Showtime
Lieutenant Sebek
Lance Corporal Rivard

Captain Bernard
Major Roberto
C.Sergeant CaveMan
Lance Corporal Limey
Corporal Ashazza
Recruit Twosteps
Recruit Flutter

Overall opinion of the match:
Well in the beginning of 1st round, we really did give the 29th a fight. In fact, at one point, we were ahead of them in points. To be quite honest, I am not sure what made us slip. Either it was the lack of organisation (most probably) or the lag problems. We originally expected to get a massive bollocking but we did give em resistance and the fact that we did not give up was pretty well done. I can almost guarantee that the 12th or 24th would have given up by the 2nd round after being smashed in the 1st one. Yes, they had 1,000 points more than us but we cannot forget that they are very, very experienced and have lost very few matches this whole year (lost 1 match against the 33rd; which has now sadly disbanded).
In the end, we did pretty well.
Also, well done to Fluttershy, Limey and Twosteps who all had great damage scores in both rounds!

Promotions at the end of training (which was straight after the event):

Lightwing- From Recruit to Private (again)
Twosteps- From Recruit to Private
Fluttershy- From Recruit to Private

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