49th Regiment of Foot of Hertfordshire
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How to apply for the 49th Regiment of Foot

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How to apply for the 49th Regiment of Foot Empty How to apply for the 49th Regiment of Foot

Post by CaveManJimmy on Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:40 pm

After having your forum account activated by a forum admin, you will then have to make an application. The template format is given in a separate link where you will have to copy and paste it into  the topic you will be creating. (Name the topic after your Steam name.)

Fill in the template like the following:

Steam Name: Steam ID:1234567890 (If you don't know how to find your Steam ID, ask a forum admin or search into Google.)


Time Zone:GMT, London

Where are you from?:London,England

Do you have a mic, If not could you acquire one soon?:Yes

Recruiter: Ashazza

How Long have you been playing Battlegrounds 2?:1 year

Are you proficient enough in English to communicate effectively with clan members?:Yes

About You: I have played Battlegrounds for a while and I have decided to join a regiment

Why do you want to join the 49th Regiment?: I want to be part of events such as regimental line battles, skirmishes and sieges

-I am willing to join the 49th Regiment of foot as long as I am over 13 years of age and will attend as many training's and events as possible-

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